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CAPPA was formed in 2016 by several commercial agricultural companies operating in various areas of the country producing, or in the process of producing, bio fuels and energy, palm oil, timber, rice, seed sorghum, agri-machinery contracting services, growing and canning pineapples and processing and manufacturing juice concentrates. CAPPA membership is open to all commercial agri-business and processing companies and aims to act as the principal coordinating body representing all commercial, agricultural producers and processing companies in Sierra Leone.

Objectives of CAPPA includes the proactive interaction with its members to ensure the interests of commercial agriculture continues to be dynamic, to meet the ever-changing needs and expectations of the industry in Sierra Leone. CAPPA will stimulate greater awareness of modern farming practices through improved communication between the Association, farming and agricultural communities and the Government. It also aims to recognise and promote the highest professional standards, to improve efficiencies and competitiveness for the greater good of commercial agriculture and small holder farmers throughout Sierra Leone.


From the Chairman,


Time has moved fast, we are already in August 2022 and so much has been going on around us.

In the earlier part of the year, Covid was still a major factor restricting travel and affecting our members businesses and although regulations have been eased, the world is still feeling the impact. The world had barely adjusted after Covid when we were made aware of tensions between Ukraine and Russia and then an ensuing war. Once again, the world felt the impact of this as commodities such as food, fuel, shipping costs and rising energy prices has impacted all our lives and business.


CAPPA members have met on two occasions this year and I am happy to report that members have shared ideas and issues on the matters that affect us all. We are transparent with each other by discussing the ways in which we all do business, employee conditions offered across all the CAPPA members, paving the way forward where we strive to all be responsible employers of choice in Sierra Leone. Despite all the challenges our members have continued to grow and offer employment to thousands of Sierra Leoneans and all members pay over the minimum wage. Our mission going forward is to keep developing our staff and CAPPA is currently planning bespoke training courses to prepare our staff to grow and develop in their respective roles.


As I write, we are experiencing unrest in Sierra Leone, we pray that as Employers, and as a Nation, we will come out stronger and embrace the opportunities that this amazing country has.


Concern by our members on some of the components of the new land bill are real and as investors these components will affect future investments particularly regarding the restrictions on the size of land and the shorter lease terms which will more or less rule out any further investment in large plantations in oil palm, rubber and forestry.


I want to wish all members of CAPPA my best wishes for the remainder of 2022 and we all wish for peace and continued support by Government to our business who play a vital role in providing employment particularly to the youths and generating precious foreign currency for Sierra Leone.



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 CHAIRMAN Le Roux Dupper
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