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CAPPA was formed in 2016 by several commercial agricultural companies operating in various areas of the country producing, or in the process of producing, bio fuels and energy, palm oil, timber, rice, seed sorghum, agri-machinery contracting services, growing and canning pineapples and processing and manufacturing juice concentrates. CAPPA membership is open to all commercial agri-business and processing companies and aims to act as the principal coordinating body representing all commercial, agricultural producers and processing companies in Sierra Leone.

Objectives of CAPPA includes the proactive interaction with its members to ensure the interests of commercial agriculture continues to be dynamic, to meet the ever-changing needs and expectations of the industry in Sierra Leone. CAPPA will stimulate greater awareness of modern farming practices through improved communication between the Association, farming and agricultural communities and the Government. It also aims to recognise and promote the highest professional standards, to improve efficiencies and competitiveness for the greater good of commercial agriculture and small holder farmers throughout Sierra Leone.


From the Chairman,


Elections have come and gone and we continue to look forward to working with Government to improve the investment climate for both current investors and those potential investors looking to come in.

It is imperative that the systems agreed to and put in place for both current investors investing and those to come, have all the incentives honored so no unnecessary delays in the processes are experienced. Many of our CAPPA members are currently disgruntled by the extremely slow process of the duty free process, particularly container releases in the port with equipment for current investments going in, resulting in higher costs and unhappy investors. We ask all Government agencies to work with CAPPA companies to prioritize the President’s agenda of increasing Agricultural output and providing what has been agreed to swiftly and smoothly. With the continued rise of inputs and the cost of fuel increasing nearly 40% in the last two months, companies need to be able to operate smoothly and efficiency. We also call on Government to review the PAYE for the low-level earners as the thresholds are too low and it is the low-level earners who are taking the brunt of the increased cost of living. We look forward to engaging with Government in order to progress forward and I wish all members the best success for the remaining of 2023.



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 CHAIRMAN Le Roux Dupper
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