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CAPPA was formed in 2016 by several commercial agricultural companies operating in various areas of the country producing, or in the process of producing, bio fuels and energy, palm oil, timber, rice, seed sorghum, agri-machinery contracting services, growing and canning pineapples and processing and manufacturing juice concentrates. CAPPA membership is open to all commercial agri-business and processing companies and aims to act as the principal coordinating body representing all commercial, agricultural producers and processing companies in Sierra Leone.

Objectives of CAPPA includes the proactive interaction with its members to ensure the interests of commercial agriculture continues to be dynamic, to meet the ever-changing needs and expectations of the industry in Sierra Leone. CAPPA will stimulate greater awareness of modern farming practices through improved communication between the Association, farming and agricultural communities and the Government. It also aims to recognise and promote the highest professional standards, to improve efficiencies and competitiveness for the greater good of commercial agriculture and small holder farmers throughout Sierra Leone.


From the Chairman,


We are well into the first quarter of 2023 and I hope that all of our members had the opportunity to spend the festive season with family and have settled back into driving their businesses forward. I am humbled to have been re-elected Chairman again for another year and I am committed to take CAPPA to new levels in 2023. I am happy to announce that we have employed an Executive Assistant for CAPPA. Farida Bassa comes with great experience not only in consulting and in training, but she has the expertise to assist me in moving CAPPA forward to ensure members are informed and kept up to date and that CAPPA member’s agendas are at the forefront in Sierra Leone.

I will work with Farida on scheduling meetings for members, inviting guest speakers to our meetings, and ensuring CAPPA is featured in the local press and TV. As we head into an election year we will remain focused on our various investments making a difference to the economy, but more importantly contributing to employment in our operational areas, and training and developing our staff. This was made clear at the recent Food Summit in Senegal, that members of CAPPA are in the country for the long term and CAPPA companies believe that they can be successful for many years to come, ensuring our operations thrive for our employee’s children. I look forward to our meetings during the year and sharing ideas and visions and working together as a Group at all times. I wish all members the best success for 2023.



Le Roux Duper.jpg
 CHAIRMAN Le Roux Dupper
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